SDG Posters

This year the UN will set out a new set of goals and guidelines for global sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals will pick up where the the Millenium Development Goals left off. Most importantly this framework doesn’t just focus on development in the global south but throughout the world, making developed nations more accountable for the impact they are having globally and set guidelines for how to approach policy for a sustainable future.

As part of a conference on development education earlier this year I developed a set of pictograms, based on a set of 17 preliminary goals, which I then used to produce a series of posters. The purpose was to display these poster for post-primary school students attending the conference and get them thinking about the how important they think these goals are to achieving a sustainable future.

SDG Poster 3&4
SDG Poster 3&4
SDG Poster 5&6
SDG Poster 7&8
SDG Poster 9&10
SDG Poster 11&12
SDG Poster 13&14
SDG Poster 15&16
SDG Poster 17

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